How It Works

  • Here's how it all works

    You will receive a 3-day Appointment diary from a select database of up to 360 buyers. The appointments are Pre-Scheduled and last 15 minutes each. Only the very best buyers in luxury travel are invited and there is a very thorough selection process, followed by a process where we match you with buyers based on your business objectives.

    After the matching process has taken place, you are given access to view your Appointment diary before being offered the chance to arrange Self-Scheduled Appointments to fill any time that you may have.

  • The package

    A bespoke 3-day appointment diary with quality buyers; access to the world’s top media editors through a variety of events; entry into the highly regarded Opening Speech; invitations to the Official Party and the opportunity to purchase additional delegate badges to bring along your team.

    The investment: USD 10,000 (plus USD 800 for extra badges)

  • Step-by-Step Guide

    You can now further influence the buyers that you will meet in Mexico as we give priority to your preferences. To help you prepare for ILTM North America, we've put together a step-by-step guide of your appointments.

  • Complete your online profile

    Once your contract has been returned, you will receive a link to your Exhibitor Portal via email. Use the Portal to build your online profile. Your online profile is used by the buyers when selecting companies they would like to meet with at ILTM North America.

  • Selection Process

    Two months before the event, you will be notified via email that the appointment selection process is open. You are then invited to select the buyers with whom you wish to schedule appointments. You will be asked to rank your selections in order of preference.

  • Matching Process

    There are three stages to the appointment matching process: 1) Mutually requested appointments are selected, 2) Exhibitor requests are then processed, 3) Buyer requests are then processed.

  • Self-Scheduled Appointments

    Once the matching process is complete, you can view your confirmed appointments in your Exhibitor Portal and are invited to use the Self-Scheduled Appointment process, which stays open for approximately 10 days. Once the Self-Scheduled Appointment process is complete, your full Appointment diary will be viewable.

  • Your Appointment diary

    Your Appointment diary will cover the three days, made up of Pre-Scheduled Appointments and additional Self-Scheduled Appointments. Your Appointment diary will be available within your Exhibitor portal, and accessible via the ILTM North America app.

    Participants are obliged to attend all appointments. No Pre-Scheduled Appointments can be cancelled.

  • Already signed up?

    It's great that you would like to join us in Mexico. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience and ensure you are getting the very most from the show:


    We have even more ways to help you promote your products to buyers before, during and after the event.

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