Buyer Journey

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    Whether you are responsible for creating itineraries for high net worth leisure, corporate or entertainment clients, you will discover truly eye-opening luxury travel brands of extraordinary depth and diversity in Singapore.

    As one of our buyers, you will get to:

    • / Discover new business by meeting an exclusive collection of luxury travel brands and experiences;
    • / Find new inspiration by experiencing the future through the renowned forum;
    • / Forge new friendships by indulging in the legendary ILTM networking events and parties; and
    • / Enjoy new experiences by joining our Hosted Buyer Programme, including flight and hotel contributions.*

    Check out our 2019 video highlights before seeing who you can meet below.

    *subject to availability
  • Invitation to register

    ILTM Asia Pacific will send you an invitation to register for the event via an email. You can then start to build your online profile.

  • Qualification

    The team will review your registration and verify your references. If your registration is successful, you will be qualified to attend and be provided with access to your Buyer Zone.

  • Selection Process

    Once the Pre-Scheduled Appointments open you will be asked to select exhibitors. You will be asked to rank your selections in order of preference, number 1 being most important to you. (Your Appointment diary is not wholly based on the preference selection that you make).

  • Matching process

    There are three stages to the appointment matching process: 1) Mutually requested appointments are selected, 2) Exhibitor requests are then processed, and 3) Buyer requests are then processed.

  • Self-Scheduled Appointments

    Once the matching process is complete you will be given access to view your Appointment diary online, which will stay open for 10 days. During this time we will ask you to use the Self-Scheduled Appointment tool to enhance your diary and request additional appointments, ensuring your Appointment diary is as full as possible.

  • Your Appointment diary

    Your Appointment diary will compromise of both Pre-Scheduled and Self-Scheduled Appointments. Your final Appointment diary will be available within your Buyer Zone and on the mobile app. Appointments last 15 minutes each with a 5 minute break in between.

    Participants are obliged to attend all pre-arranged appointments. No pre-scheduled appointments can be cancelled.

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