Save like a Local

  • Cape Town is experiencing its worst drought ever.

    At ILTM, our employees on the ground – and across the world – are doing all they can to provide support during the water crisis in Cape Town. We ask that all our partners and those attending ILTM Africa do the same. Together, we can avoid Day Zero.

    "Cape Town is in the midst of a severe drought. Our residents are working hard with the City to save water and only use water for essential purposes. We ask that all visitors join us on this mission and ‘Save like a Local’ by keeping your water usage to under 50* litres per day. We need everyone’s help to beat this drought. Please help us save water by adhering to the restrictions." – Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille

  • Care a little. Save a lot.

    Locals are doing all the can to save water, here's how you can help whilst in Cape Town for ILTM Africa 2018:

    • Wash your hands less frequently using hand sanitiser instead
    • Only flush the toilet when you really need to
    • Take short, stop-start showers
    • Don't leave the tap running while brushing your teeth


    As part of our commitment to water savings, hand sanitisers will replace tap water in bathroom hand basins at the event. We have also partnered with Dettol to provide you with complimentary waterless hand cleaner so you can continue to help ‘Save Like a Local’ while out and about.

    Media Coverage.

    Pippa de Bruyn, a media attendee for ILTM Africa 2018, reports on the situation and the effect Cape Town’s drought is having on the hospitality and travel industry. Read the article here.

    More information.

    Water restrictions, including daily limits, are subject to change. Please visit for the most up to date restrictions. For the latest updates, follow @CITYOFCT on Twitter.

    *Please note, that updated Level 6B water restrictions are in effect from 1 February 2018. Help avoid Day Zero by using 50 litres or less per person per day.

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